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Anoka is a great place to visit and even a better place to live, especially if you like Halloween. Anoka is populated with 17,395 people who love Halloween and cannot wait for their yearly parades to celebrate it. Anoka is known as the self-proclaimed, “Halloween Capital of the World. It is in Anoka that the first ever Halloween parade went marching into the streets in 1920. By 1937, city officials had obtained the title of “Halloween Capital of the World” from the United States Congress. Now every year more than one parade is celebrated annually.

Anoka was not always a town about Halloween of course, once upon a time in 1844 when it was discovered, the town was settled by immigrants. By the 1850’s the city was growing quickly with a store, school and flour mill. By 1878, the city had been incorporated. There are many wonderful places in Anoka to visit today such as the Nature Preserve, The Windego Park Open Air Auditorium and the Aquatic Center.