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Champlin is located in Hennepin County and has a population of 22,193 people. The town first received a settlement when Father Louis Hennepin crossed the Mississippi River with two men in 1680 and was captured by the Sioux Indians. From there negotiations started to take place. In 1838, the land contained Champlin first opened to white settlers once a treaty between them and the Chippewa and Sioux had been negotiated. By 1852, permanent settlement of Champlin had started to unfold. Champlin was once called Chepaquepa but the Indians which meant “Land of the Binter People.”

Annually a festival called the Father Hennepin Festival is held in Champlin which started in 1976 to celebrate the history behind Champlin’s birth. There are many fun things to do in Champlin such visiting nature parts, going to the movie theaters and hanging out in the nightlife of Champlin in bars and clubs.