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Circle Pines, MN Taxi
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Circle Pines is located in Anoka County and has a population of 4,663 people which means it’s a very quiet and relaxed place to be. It is full of beautiful oak and elm trees and about 1/3 of the town is made of wetlands. The town was not founded until 1940’s, though if it does sound familiar that could be based off if it being mentioned in Mary Jo Dehl’s “Mystery Science Theater 3000.”

Circle Pines today is most popular for its gun range but it is also the only suburban city that runs and operates off its own natural gas distribution company. Circle Pines was named in a strange way when in 1945 V.S. Petersen came up with an idea after lying in the shade after swimming in Golden Lake. V.S. Petersen wanted to make a cooperative movement, so he found Thomas Ellerbe and Paul Steenberg who were both sympatric to his idea. It was announced that the cooperative village of 1,203 acres would have every home available with a park or walkway. He defined that there would be nurseries, adult education and recreational activities. Through his idea a symbol was born, a pine tree with a circle around it; hence the name of the town.