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Coon Rapids is located in Anoka County and happens to be the largest city within that county and containing a population of 63,573 people. It is the 9th largest city within the state of Minnesota and was originally founded in 1857 when it came to be known as Anoka Township. It 1952, Coon Rapids separated from Anoka Township and became known as its own village. The city still contains most of its original boundaries, except for the pieces that became known as the City of Anoka.

Coon Rapids is named after the “Coon Creek Rapids” which is the chaotic part of the Mississippi River. During construction in 1913, the rapids were removed so that the Coon Rapids which operates as a hydroelectric generator could be built. By 1966 however, the dam was closed and the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park was opened to the public in 1978. There are many fun things to do in Coon Rapids such as going to the movie theaters and shopping. If you love fun in the sun however, then check out Bunker Beach which has six towering water slides.