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Ham Lake, MN Taxi Service
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Ham Lake is located in Anoka County and is populated by 12,710 people. Ham Lake is best known for its ham bone soup and its invention of ham. In 1855, the first settlers stepped foot in the town with a lake that was shaped just like a ham. At first, the town had become known as “Glen Carey”, a Scottish name that means “Beautiful Valley.” The city was what some envisioned a future city to look like, though in 1857 a prairie fire destroyed all the houses. The town had been abandoned until 1866 when a Norwegian man came into the town followed by Scandinavians. Since the Scandinavian found confusion and difficulty in pronouncing “Glen Carey”, the name was changed to Ham Lake.

Ham Lake is great for fishing and camping, in face Ham Lake Campground is a popular spot for tourists who love to do both.