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Lexington is located in Anoka County and is populated with 2,214 people. From history, archeological investigations show that Ojibwa and Dakota tribes were the first inhabitants to set up camp in Lexington. Later in 1862, Phillip Laddy became the first white settler in what was later named Blaine Township. In 1877, the name Blaine was selected for the township that contained Blaine, Circle Pines and Lexington. Settlement in the Blaine township to a many years due to wet conditions through the area. However, by the early 1900’s there were 374 residents in the town.

In Lexington there is a lot of history to be known, some of it resides in museums while some if resides in homes. The Mary Todd Lincoln House is one of those places. Although it has been remolded since Mary Todd had spent time within the house it still shows a few pieces of furniture which was used in her time frame. If you like wine then the Jean Farris Winery is the place to go.